Dink Zine Issue 2


Dink is back! Order before Wednesday 3rd of May for Wednesday despatch!!



After 2 whole months, I am so excited to announce that Dink is back with another silly publication! I’ve used this one as an opportunity to explore a more blog-like style and I can’t wait for yous to read it.

This issue is filled to the brim with fun stuff such as comics, memes, poetry, photography, music an art project and a new book club along with pieces about random fun stuff happening with me such as inventing a sport, winning the olympics of said sport and becoming Marceline from Adventure Time. I also had the privilege of going to my friends play recently to if you’re into that sort of thing, you’re in luck!

If you’re sat there thinking “That’s so cool but what about meee. What about MY art and fashion and wellbeing,” you are SO in luck! This issue is very focused on you boosting your wellbeing and creative thinking. Along with a whole page of ways to help yourself bounce back, there’s lots of stuff about finding your own voice in your style and challenging how you think about fashion and art as a whole. With the right energy, you could potentially come out of reading this zine as a new/different artist.

I really hope you choose this zine out of allll the wonderful zines out there and when you do, I hope you enjoy every bit of it!


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